>Sometimes being collegiate isn’t worth it

>I provoked an issue today. I saw something happen and I wasn’t happy about it. Normally I’m all about collaboration, effective feedback and generally being collegiate. I threw that book out the window.

It’s not often I get this wound up about something, but there’s certain things I don’t like to see, and today was a prime example. I have no idea how this will pan out. I was careful not to attack the person I provoked. At least I hope I didn’t attack them. I was certainly harsh and even rude. I didn’t swear or anything like that, but I equally was not kind in my message.

I’m anxious about the outcome. I won’t apologise for what I provoked as else I wouldn’t have provoked it. Equally though I am hoping that this is a good platform for open discussion.

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Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

2 thoughts on “>Sometimes being collegiate isn’t worth it”

  1. >Just read your posts for the first time sukh, nice posts! The Monday one i missed but my good lady wife pointed me to it. so true.And this one – so resonated. sometimes things need to be said. Unfortunately, environments can be such that its not that easy – the collegiate pressure, the politics etc – and in those circumstances things can build up until it all comes out. Or you end up seeing something and you just cant let it go.Im often amazed at how we fail to be open with each other. How often we would prefer to be placid and compliant with someone or something, but then complain about it quietly to a small group around the water cooler or say nothing at all.Good for you for getting it out there.

  2. >Hi Gareth, thanks very much for your kind words!That's exactly what happened on this day. I'm an easy going kind of guy and let things wash over me. But with said person it got to a point where I had to say something.There's no love lost in this situation. There's an underlying personality difference here which creates its own barriers.Thanks for the supportive message 🙂

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