>Time to step up the game

>Had a great chat yesterday which lead to an invitation to speak at a workshop in a couple of weeks, and with a possibility of speaking at a bigger event in September. Yes! I won’t lie. This has been an ambition of mine for some while. And it’s also why I started blogging. I’ll make it clear from the outset. This isn’t about making money, this is about me talking.

There’s a lot happening in the world, and a lot of people voicing an opinion on all and sundry. I don’t think L&D is being best represented in the big bad world. There’s far too many safe players who will tell you best practise looks like this, and the growing skills of L&D means x, and how we need to be more strategic in our delivery, and how businesses need to take L&D more seriously. That’s what we’re griping about in our profession? Are you kidding me?

There’s very few people out there whose voice I respect and will listen to. Some in particular are Lee Sears, Gene Johnson, Peter Butler and Nick Shackleton-Jones. There are very many other speakers, but they are saying nothing of consequence. Same old same old. Sorry Perry Timms, even you’re not that interesting. I like you, you engage an audience brilliantly and yYour work with the Big Lottery Fund is pretty great, but you’re not describing or talking about anything which we haven’t already seen, or aren’t trying to achieve ourselves. This doesn’t mean you don’t add value, I just don’t see you’re actually pushing any agenda.

L&D is a veritable power force of change. I do, will, and foresee my role in the business I am currently in – and every business I will be in, as being one that I get to the heart of and create the L&D culture it deserves. And the only way this will happen is by being an internal consultant who gets at the heart of the business. External consultants serve a purpose, but have a very different perspective to what a business needs. My belief is, and hopefully comes through in all I do, that L&D doesn’t rest with one person. L&D’s role is to facilitate learning in whatever way is best.

I have a big hope that I do get asked for more speaking opportunities. Having 1 now, and a possible other later in the year is a great affirmation for me that I’m saying something which resonates with others. So, my focus has been given purpose. One other main activity I’m hoping to get sorted within a fairly short space of time is moving this blog to a proper platform. You’ll have heard me ask questions about this in recent weeks, and I still have more to think about. So, I’m planning on making things happen for me. I’m quite clear about what I want to do, my road to getting there is proving to be interesting and exciting.


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Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

6 thoughts on “>Time to step up the game”

  1. >Go for it! I enjoy the chance to talk (you noticed eh?) and listen with one person, two people, and bigger audiences too. It's scary fun. Good luck – look forward to hearing more about this. And when you do move the blog – a slightly easier comments thingie would be great. I'll help you test it if you like :)And it is great that you are challenging more established voices – well done keep the flow and fresh ideas moving.

  2. >HiReally found your piece interesting – I had to give a talk yesterday to a group of sixth formers about L & D and because what I said didn't fit into their model it all got a little confused. Next time I will quote β€œL&D's role is to facilitate learning in whatever way is best" and see if that helps at all. Good luck with your talk – I found 20 people scary!Alison

  3. >It's so refreshing to hear you speak like a 'normal' person, not an HR's/L&D technical jargon! I work in L & D and I love doing the speaking events (mostly around coaching than L&D) and a lot of the comments I make is around keeping the language human and accessible.I think its great that you don't hide behind the L & D – way we do things..and challenge the status quo!!

  4. >@ Doug, I have zero problem with being centre of attention and even less problem public speaking. I will enjoy it thoroughly, thank for your kind words :)@ Alison, thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. Sixth formers are a whole other breed, well done for trying to help them understand what L&D is about!@ Amie, welcome to my blog πŸ™‚ I've always been one for plain talking. Say what you mean in the absence of jargon.@ MrAirmiles, to be fair Jose, you've never heard me speak, I could be awful! My thanks for your kind words of support though.@ judythesweetspot, Thank you! I don't know what message I want to get out yet, but am very much looking forward to it πŸ™‚

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