ConnectingHR Blog Carnival

There’s a carnival in town, and it’s being hosted right here, on my blog! Yeah baby!

Hot off the back of the second ConnectingHR unconference, the HR blogging community went mad with enthusiasm and haven’t looked back yet! Community. That’s the key with this event. It was all about the community. Everyone had a shared interest in the event, and everyone (I think) who attended was able to gain something valuable from the event. So let’s kick it off huh?

The very night of Thursday (day of the unconference), Karen Wise wrote a good summary of the event, and in particular taking a focus on what does it mean for the organisation she works for? My thoughts on the ConnectingHR Unconference. Nice one Karen.

I hadn’t met Neil Usher before the event (virtually that is). And he’s got one of those Twitter names that I love, because it plays on the mind (@theatreacle). He wrote a great post about Who the hell am I?, and how social media has changed the fundamental way we even think about introducing ourselves. Nice to have met you Neil.

Martin Couzins has done a brilliant job of curating all content from the day on his blog. As well as pulling together everyone’s posts since, he also wrote a few words about his own observations. Thanks Martin.

James Mayes took the initiative while the event was being wrapped up, did some live blogging and decided to start @HRBlogFeed. Not heard of it? You have now.

I enjoy chatting with Rob Jones on Twitter. He’s witty, smart and all round good egg. Oh, and he’s in L&D too, but I won’t hold that against him. His personal learnings (The one with the unconference part 1) from the unconference show what an event like this can mean for someone who acts like a social magnate, but experiences it very differently.

@callumsaunders is a great person to connect with in the #connectinghr world. He works in social media, has very little to do with HR at all, and yet he is a key part of the community. Coming back to that word again aren’t I? Community. Value. People. Read it and enjoy.

I only came across Christine Livingstone over the last several months, and have been enjoying her blog ever since. She has a great take on the world and very positive sentiments. Her thoughts about What’s so human about human resources are spot on and make for a compelling read.

I love Doug Shaw. He’s a brilliant person and I truly enjoy his company. He was one of the facilitators on the day, and here’s his thoughts about it all too Community.

Claire Walsh was awaiting news about a new big purchase she was making, and still had the energy and focus to be part of this day! Here, she writes about her reasons for why #connectinghr is a good thing to be part of. Yes. Seven powerful reasons to join the connecting HR community.

Probably one of the best things about the unconference format, and the #connectinghr community is the openness of every aspect of it. That’s why I was surprised to learn that Anthony Allinson wasn’t in HR, but it didn’t matter ultimately, and his thoughts about the unconference from a non HR perspective are spot on.

Gareth Jones is one of the organisers of the #connectinghr unconference. Gareth, in my opinion is one of those business leaders who just gets it. And by it, I mean everything. For him the day was about Less is more. Read about why.

I connected with Alison Chisnell as a result of her first blog from the first #connectingHR unconference last year, and I’m glad I did. She’s a true community person, and embodies a lot of the good values a community person needs. Here she shares her thoughts about why #connectinghr is the best kept secret in HR networking.

For those worried about metrics and ROI and all that from an event like this, here’s a great measure for its success. A new blog started by Lynne Donaldson where her first post is about sometimes only a blog will do. (Note, her post isn’t about measurement or ROI!)

Mervyn Dinnen hasn’t really spoken about the day itself directly, but here’s a good take on what the event meant for him > Some people who rocked my week.

First, I don’t believe Peter Hros still hasn’t been picked up and hired as a HR professional. Second, read his brilliant thoughts about the unconference and why the format of the day agrees with him so much Unconference and me.

Ok, so it’s a day for adults to have adult conversations, talking about adult things, connecting with adults. Well, not exclusively. Kay Phelps brought her son to the event and wrote about her gratitude to the community Engaging with my Gen Z.

Hilary Jeanes writes a nice summary of the day, and her enthusiasm for the day in her post on HR unconference.

So remember that inclusive aspect I spoke about? Well, for some this is more important than some of the other values held through the community, and here, Beth Mayes talks about why in her post on Come on HR get blogging.

And last, but by means certainly not least, Jon Ingham, the other half of the partnership who helped this community come together and make it happen. More unconference loviness (not a typo) is a good post about why social media makes such a difference to events like this, and to the workplace.

As some of you know, there was a similar unconference event held in the US called #HREvolution. They’re doing a similar blog carnival today, being hosted by Ben Eubanks on his blog. Look out for that one too!

Phew! That’s some coverage huh? But I tell you, writing up this post has been for me inspiring and incredibly motivational. Spread the good word good people, let’s have a carnival!

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Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

7 thoughts on “ConnectingHR Blog Carnival”

  1. Cracking round up Sukh, and thanks for the kind words! Also great that you mentioned our friends across the water as there are a lot of great HR folks in the HRevolution community too. Huge effort, thanks for sharing it!

  2. Great work, and thanks so much for the kind words! This is a superb community and being a “grey area” dweller I am humbled to be part of it. Look forward to more posts, more events, more interaction on and off line.

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