Sometimes, life is just life

Hello! Well, Friday comes around again, and so far this morning my Twitter stream has been full of chatter about an array of things. And that’s one of the things I truly enjoy about Twitter. Life just carries on. We all live in a bubble. And we choose to poke out and see what’s happening. Sometimes we interact, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we reveal things, and sometimes we’re just being apathetic.

So, today I offer you a chance to remind  yourself of what’s happening. Not what’s important, but just what’s happening. Take this moment to be mindful. Don’t be cynical, don’t be positive, just observe.

There’s a lot to be said for being mindful. What’s my body doing right now? Where are my thoughts taking me? Who am I talking with? What is that person doing there? Is this commute really so bad? What’s happening at home? Did I read today’s news yet?

Do with this what you will. But remember, sometimes, life is just life.

Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

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