Wearing my heart on my sleeve

So here it is. My first post where I have an active interest in the response it generates, and how it is received by my readers. As you remember from an earlier post I posed the question of how to deal with a company asking me to for write a piece for them on my blog. And you all said just be open about it, and we’ll decide what we do.

Well, Springest UK are the ones who asked me. And I have to say, they’ve been very patient with me. I was cautious about what this might mean for my blog. Have I sold myself out? Am I only in this for the money then? Will more happen? All valid questions. As are – am I happy with doing this? Is the potential company in accord with what I’m trying to do? Am I supporting something I’m against in any way?

That I’m writing this suggests I’ve found a way to be ok with it. I know of other companies like Springest. If you want to find a training company for a specific need, they help you navigate the providers. Sounds fair enough. And they help you make the decision by featuring peer reviews. Sounds fair enough too. They give an incentive for writing a review by making a donation to the Edukans Foundation which is a good touch.

But, they’ve mainly been based in the Netherlands and have recently started up in the UK. They found me on Twitter, saw my blog and became interested. Nothing wrong with stroking a guys ego, and they certainly have. I’ve been honest with them about what I think this is worth, and also (with inspiration from how TheHRD helped raise funds on the My Hell is Other People blog) have asked they make a charity donation. And, what has convinced me that they’re worth supporting is their attitude. They haven’t tried to sell me anything, or force a message through.

What Springest is after is exposure, and I’m happy to provide that, albeit with a small audience. However, I think my readers are smart enough to see that if they like it, they’ll pursue their own interest, and I’ve just helped to facilitate.

I’m not exactly sure what will happen from here. A logo displayed on my blog for about a month is what I reckon. I’m ok with that. Actually, research shows that most of you won’t care beyond today. Those of you who visit my blog because you like what I have to say won’t see anything different in what I say. Hopefully I’ve displayed that in this post too.

Here’s why I’ve gone ahead with my decision. It’s an experiment. I am genuinely intrigued what impact – if any – this will have for Springest. I’m also intrigued how you all react – if at all. I’ve also gone with them because their service is free and you don’t have to sign up. For those who follow me on Twitter, you know this is something I don’t like doing at the best of times, so it’s a good thing you don’t have to with them.

Thanks folks, for your support in helping me answer the questions I had about this. It’s been much appreciated and I welcome your comments and feedback.


Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

3 thoughts on “Wearing my heart on my sleeve”

  1. Thanks for the post! I’m very curious what your readers think of our site and what we should improve on, so any feedback is welcome! We are very eager to become the best comparison site for anything related to personal and professional development in the UK (or around the world, for that matter ;)).

    1. Your welcome, Ruben. If there’s one thing you can be sure of, if my readers have something to say, you’ll hear about it.

      This is an interesting day for us both I think.

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