Two examples of Customer Service

Over this last week, there have been two particular examples of customer service which I think is worth sharing.

The first happened in our office at work last week. The head of our IT Managed Services team emailed this on our internal ‘UK Fun’ email distribution list:

A landmark has been reached … Bob* raised ticket number 100,000 today !

Our ticket system has been live for over 11 years and our first ticket was raised in June 2000.

Bob’s ticket, raised today, is number 100,000 and requests help with IE & Firefox crashing on his computer.

Congratulations Bob, a bottle of champagne will be delivered to you this week. I hope it goes some way in compensating for IE & Firefox’s misbehaviour !

Roll on the next 11 years, and to ticket number 200,000 !!!

There’s a lot going right with that email, so I’ll just leave it there.

My second example, is to do with our trip to Legoland Windsor at the weekend. When we first visited in August, we decided to upgrade our tickets at the end of the day to the annual Merlin Pass. Quite a good deal overall, and incentive to do more on days out with the kids. As part of this, we were given vouchers to use in the Lego Big Shop – £35 per pass bought. Unfortunately after that, the vouchers were put through the wash and all but one was destroyed. We were keen not to miss out on this bonus we had, so went straight to the Customer Service window on Saturday.

Cue explanation of our story and could we get all four vouchers back…

Customer Service: Sure, we can give you the one back you’ve shown us is destroyed.

Us: We’ve not been here since our last visit, so you can see we’re not lying about this.

Customer Service: It’s on the T’s and C’s that we can’t replace lost tickets.

Us: We’ve spent over £450 on upgrading our tickets and don’t want to miss out on this.

Customer Service: I appreciate what you’re saying and it’s your responsibility to keep them safe. Our T’s and C’s are clear about this.

This is a much abridged version of the conversation. I’m no chav, and I’m willing to accept that I should have put the vouchers in a better place, but this is such a classic example of how to annoy perfectly happy campers. We still had a good day, and took good use of the voucher we had, but I do wish Legoland trained their staff to respond with empathy and not with rules and process.

*change of name, obviously.

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Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

One thought on “Two examples of Customer Service”

  1. Dear Legoland – you missed a great opportunity to delight a customer. You may want to take a good look at your crappy processes and systems and think carefully about how you motivate and empower front line staff to deliver delight to your customers instead of disappointment. Reissuing these vouchers would have cost you nothing and given you a great story to be proud of. As it is you now look like bureaucratic miseries. Well done Legoland – another dumb things done to another customer.

    Dear Bob – you rock!

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