The goodness of your heart

Hello. You and I, it seems we need to talk. You see, for all I believe in how positive psychology can help you achieve a better sense of wellbeing, you’re missing something. You’re not understanding something. You might be doing the positive interventions that help you to feel good, and you might be engaging in activities that help you to feel good, but you’re still missing an important piece of the pie. Are you acting virtuously?

Virtue – moral excellence, goodness, righteousness
Virtuous – conforming to moral and ethical principles, morally excellent, upright

A flippant conversation on Twitter today raised the question, what is the scheme? Well, I’m not a prophet, nor am I wise, but I do know things about life. And as shit as life can sometimes be, there is nothing stopping you from acting virtuously. This is no sermon from a religious point of view, this is simply me telling you that you have the full capacity and capability to act with such generosity and care towards others that nothing compares.

People are affected by the actions of others on a daily basis. That email you’ve just sent? It’s affected someone. That update on Facebook? Someone’s read that. Your tweet? It’s on someone’s timeline. Your walk to the shop? You’ve impacted every person you’ve walked passed, and are about to interact with. That rant you’ve just made? It’s going to be heard.

All of these behaviours will influence how others respond to you, how you carry out your day, and what sense you have of how your life is being led. This is all about you. No one else does this. You create the life you want to lead, you create the experiences you have, and you are responsible for the actions you do or not make. If you want to be different, and experience lasting positive feelings, living virtuously is the way to be.

Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

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