Giving things a go

Life has a funny way of just happening. It doesn’t stop for anyone, no matter how much you might want it to. Kinda reminds me of the whole Circle of Life thing from Disney’s The Lion King. I do marvel at life, on a daily basis. Not in a religious sense, just more that things are happening at all. I love that.

Blogging is an interesting part of my daily life now too. I read with interest news articles by mainstream media, and that’s important so we don’t lose sight of what’s happening in the world at large. But people live such interesting lives, that those personal interest stories only hit the news if there’s something to make bones about. So, people blog. About all sorts of things. In my corner of the world, I make it about learning and development in the workplace. A fairly mundane area of life but it holds my interest and think I’m good at it.

More interesting though, is hearing what other people have learned or experienced that’s driven them to write a blog post. Writing itself is easy, but articulating yourself isn’t. Finding the words that fit the occasion, expressing your feelings on a topic, ensuring you get your message across, this is the trick behind blogging. And the best bloggers do this effortlessly. The likes of Mervyn Dinnen on his T-Recs blog, Kevin Ball on his West Writing and Rick of Flipchart Fairy Tales infamy all have crafted this skill to excellence. I don’t mention them to praise them, I mention them to highlight how well it can be done.

In recent times, Doug Shaw and Alison Chisnell hosted a series of guest posts that produced some wonderful responses. Doug chose to share stories about Heroes which I thoroughly enjoyed reading about. Alison had the idea of an advent calendar blog over the month of December which produced some brilliant pieces of writing.

It occurs to me I might like to do the same. People visit and read my blog for a variety of reasons and I enjoy this. For the rest of the month of February, starting Monday 6th, I’d like to host guest blog posts. If you’re up to it and fancy the challenge, my question to you is this: What has been your biggest learning in life?

I have no idea what response this might create. I’m clearly hoping there’s going to be some uptake of this! Seasoned pros, regular bloggers, those who dabble, the ones who’ve written from afar, and those who want to but never known where to start, this is an open invitation to you all. The stage, as they say, is yours.


Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

5 thoughts on “Giving things a go”

  1. I’m in! Are you posting the posts by the 6th or do you just need them submitted by then?

    Funny, was thinking the other day there are lots of HR blog carnival/hosts, but not many with a specific learning or L&D angle – thanks for making it happen!

    1. Hey Patrick, glad to have you on board. It’s a good point for clarity, I want them to start on the 6th so when you’re ready to submit, just post it on over.

      I was thinking that I might wrap the series up with a blog carnival of the posts that get written. Will give it more thought.

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