Learning at my fingertips

Margaret Burnside is someone I enjoy connecting with very much. She’s worked in the L&D field for most of her career and brings a lot of excellent knowledge and wisdom to the table when talking about pretty much everything! She’s a great person to share stories with, and I enjoy her open approach to learning new things.

Learning is a huge subject! My biggest learning is hard to pin down – it feels like a continuous process with no great leaps forward, except perhaps when I ‘got’ Twitter!

My lovely boy set me up with a Twitter account – TomTom’s Mum I think it was called … It had an obscure password and after not really using it much I forgot the password, so did he (he was 9!) and that was the end of that!

Twitter continued to intrigue me and thanks to the little bit of learning from my earlier foray, I confidently stepped into the twitterverse again. This time I explored further, more consistently and persistently and gradually started to get it. In fact, in those early days I think I was probably quite evangelical – guaranteed to switch those teetering on the edge not to step in! I slowly realised the powerful learning tool I had in my hand (literally with my iPhone then iPad) and opened myself up to a wide range of learning opportunities.

Following trusted people enables my learning to be ‘filtered’ and relevant and following a few authors and celebs widens my learning of a different sort!

Investing 10-15 minutes a day typically produces some rich learning and a longer investment allows me to follow some great links to blogs, research, articles and L&D content. What I didn’t fully appreciate was the value in learning about social media and Twitter itself. I’m seen amongst my non-twittering peers as a bit of an ‘expert’ and have delivered webinars, twitter coaching and even a Tweeting service to my L&D colleagues.

As a long term career L&Dist (over 25 years) I’m still constantly amazed at the learning potential Twitter puts literally at your fingertips. And whilst technology has enabled lots of new ways to learn and to share learning over those years (e-mail, PowerPoint, Internet ) I don’t believe I have ever been so engaged in continuous learning in such a way that it is woven into my everyday life.

My big disappointment is that I’ve never learnt what a celebrity has had for breakfast!

Over the month of February I am hosting guest blog posts and the invitation is open to all. If you’d like to take part, the question you have to answer is: What has been your biggest learning in life?

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Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

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