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I’m now well into my third year of blogging. I started in December 2009, and have tried to keep fairly regular since then. I originally started on Blogger, and decided about a year later to come over to WordPress. It’s a move well worth doing if you’re a regular blogger. The features are much better, more functionality is available, and you’re able to play around with your blog with much more ease.

In that time, I’ve recently passed 20,000 views, and this week I wrote my 250th post. I’m quite open about what blogging does for me, and what it’s helped me to achieve. I’m happy to share this information, as I believe it helps others to get some insight into what blogging looks like.

So what do I write about? Well, I try to keep things fairly focused on the learning and development world. Lately I’ve been venturing quite heavily into Positive Psychology. I tend to also talk about a host of topics on rare occasions – I will also write about Sikhi, my family, social media, and sometimes technology. I am certainly a regular blogger, I’ll try and write something 2-3 times a week. This brings its ups and downs with it. It means some posts get picked up really well, others get missed so get fewer views, and I’m often competing against myself in keeping the writing up.

I have a very modest readership. On a good day, I’ll get about 100 views on the blog including a post I publish that day. A regular day gets about 20-40 views depending on what people are searching for. I have a regular set of people who visit and try to keep up with my posts – I love them.

My most popular posts ever:

Some things around this. The 1984, A Sikh Story post gets viewed pretty much everyday and amazingly is a landing point by people just typing in “Sikh” into Google. I say amazingly because if you try it, my post is not early in the results pages. Go me! I am amazed the home page gets so many views because I very rarely ever push people to just my homepage. However, the URL is publicised in most of my profiles so it’s not that hard to see it’s an easy click to reach there. And the other stuff gets regularly searched for, so keeps pushing those numbers up.

I’ve had about 560 comments on the blog (not including pingbacks). That’s not true though, at least half are my responses to others, so it’s more likely about 280ish. So over all blogs that’s just over 1 comment per post which is nice.

When I link to other sites, this sends some traffic in that direction depending on what the link is to. Generally people will click up to 4-5 times in a day. I tend to link to other posts as they’ve provided me with some kind of input to what I’m writing about. This is supposed to also have the added benefit of helping the SEO of a site. I ain’t got a scooby if that’s the case or not. I’m happy to keep doing this as it also serves as a way of letting someone know their writing is appreciated. I certainly enjoy it when I’m being linked to from someone’s post.

Search terms are a bizarre beast. How someone finds my blog by searching ‘stand alone role’, ‘assume innocence’ or ‘mbti preferences’ is interesting because why would you search for those specific words? Even more bizarre is when someone searches specifically for ‘an ignoramus and his her lucre are readily disjoined’. But for whatever reason, people are seemingly searching for things I write about. Jolly good.

And finally this table shows the ebb and flow nature of blogging by months:

I am very glad that so far this year I’ve gained more hits than all of last year.

Hope this has been useful. This has been one of the biggest activities of narcissism I’ve ever done on the blog.

On Friday 17th August I’m running an event called Positive Psychology in Application. It’s going to cover a range of topics to do with Positive Psychology. Book now to attend and learn more.


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Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

9 thoughts on “Blogging, blogging, blogging”

  1. Interesting stuff, as you know I’ve shared detailed info with readers on a couple of occasions before now and it does seem helpful. Like you – I know nowt about SEO and I also find the search terms….interesting.

    I’m a little surprised you see this exercise as narcissism, but hey ho – each to their own πŸ™‚

    1. Indeed, it’s because I’ve seen how you do it, that I see there is benefit in doing so, and I’m only happy to share this kind of information.

      He he, the narcissism comment is, as we discussed yesterday, more about me not really writing about ‘oh look at my blog please’. But as you rightly pointed out, I’ve tried to keep it fairly reflective and objective, so I appreciate that.

  2. Nice meta blog Sukh – a blog about blogs. I wish I’d gotten it (blogginhg) sooner BUT it’s good folks like you and the #ConnectingHR lot that have really opened my eyes to the insight, inspiration and energy created by blogging and reading others blogs. You keep doin’ your thang and keep us SocialHR people thinking. Thanks for your time, thought- power and wordsmithing.

    1. As I’ve mentioned above, mine is a very modest readership. There are plenty of folks who easily get hundreds of views with their postings. It does make a difference to blogging when the numbers are high, but it shouldn’t drive the reason for blogging.

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