Calling all hands

So that’s where the inspiration for an ‘All hands meeting’ came from. I really should have clocked that one sooner.

It’s often interesting to hear what’s happening in the world of employment. Not employment law, but in these hard times, securing work seems to be at the fore front of a lot of people’s minds. I’m amongst that group, and trying to secure gainful employment. And as others have done before me in speaking about their experience of job hunting, I’d like to share mine.

Some brief context – I’m searching for senior learning and development or organisational development / effectiveness / design roles. I’ve been at it for about 3 months now. I’m doing all the good stuff I should be doing – registered with agencies specialising in this field, looking for opportunities daily, applying to jobs of interest regularly, and generally making sure I’m doing what I can to find a job. I’m a firm believer that you have to put the hard work in seeking a job in order to get the right job for you. It’s hard.

Here’s my learnings so far.

Agencies are easily the first and best port of call. In an age of social media and the likes, there are a lot of roles going direct to agencies that don’t even enter their own job sites or job boards until they’re sure that’s what they need to do. I have to say I’ve been impressed with the relationships agencies are building with candidates. When I speak to the consultant I’ve met, they recognise my name and know what I’m looking for. When I speak to them about potential roles, they’re advising if I’m right for it or not. I get reassurance from them that I’m in good hands.

LinkedIn is my best friend right now. Second to agencies, a lot of companies who want to hire direct are posting on there. I’ve easily applied to more roles directly through LinkedIn than I have job boards.

Twitter isn’t doing anything for me. It’s useful in letting people know updates as to what’s happening with my job hunt, but that’s about it. In a chat with David Goddin earlier today, he made a very good point that most people won’t be coming on to Twitter to see who’s applying for a job they’re hiring for. Most people will be using Twitter like they always do. Equally though, most people are very kind in helping to spread the message that I am looking for work. That is very appreciated.

The rhetoric on using social media to source jobs has been made a bit more interesting. As I’ve said, LinkedIn is proving to be a gold mine. Twitter is for good conversation. The two aren’t meeting in the same place. I suppose that’s fine. What it means for me is I’m being far more active in other online spaces than I thought I would.

My CV is undergoing daily revisions. The more I see job descriptions and roles being advertised, the more I think my CV needs to be stronger. This is a personal thought, and I’m by no means advocating everyone should be doing this. A long while back I wrote about the Death of the CV. We're a long way from that point, and the CV continues to be the first impression recruiters gain of you. However, I've been more free about where I make my CV available. Mine is on Google Drive too. I’ve simply edited it to make sure only the personal contact details I’m happy to be publicly available are there.

I overestimated my ability to find work. This is a hard one to swallow. I entered the job hunt thinking I was a shoe in for anything being advertised. I got a very hard wake up call. There are a lot of very good candidates applying for the same positions I’m going for, with experience that is better, and with credibility I can’t compete with. *deep breath* It’s ok though. I’m determined to fight harder for the positions I’m going for.

There are other learnings I’ve had about work and life, but these are the ones which relate to my candidate experience so far and my job hunt.


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Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

2 thoughts on “Calling all hands”

  1. Interesting read Sukh. Coming from the other side and often being the recruiter it is really interesting to hear what is working for you as a candidate and your comments on LinkedIn make me realise that we need to utilise this tool more within my own organisation.

    Thanks for posting and wishing you all the best with your job searches.


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