What’s my difference?

Hello and welcome to 2013 🙂

So here I sit, wondering what to blog about that will make a difference in the L&D world. And I can’t think of anything. I’m stuck. Not so much writer’s block, more just a massive sense of hopelessness. The news around the world has been really hitting home lately. Especially that of the events in Delhi, India of the horrific gang rape and murder of the young girl heading home with a friend after an evening at the cinema with a male friend. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. I have an attachment to India in that it’s where my parents are from, and more than that, it’s where Sikhi originated. I want to believe that a country with such vast and diverse history and development can and should be better in so many ways, yet there are stark daily reminders of the awful conditions many continue to live in.

I’m reminded of the sad story of Newtown and those poor children who never had a chance against a man who only wanted to commit an atrocity. My prayers are with the families of the poor downed children and what they have to experience knowing that their children were taken away from them in horrid conditions.

The continued troubles that many families in the UK face because of the ongoing austerity measures imposed are just to sad to bear. I understand why it’s all happening, and I try to best avail myself of the news to keep a handle on the ongoings. There are a lot of under priviliged, disadvantaged and poor people who are going to continue facing hard times because there is little that can be done from central government to make their lives better.

It’s all a bit shit isn’t it?

Yet at the same time it’s not. Two people I know recently have had wonderful news of new additions to their family. That’s just awesome and beautiful. We went to see my friend’s new daughter and it made the wife and I very broody. That miracle of life is just so affirming that you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to lift your spirits.

Personally, I’m finally in a position to make positive differences for my family. It’s taken longer than I would have liked, but I can now look forward and see that I can create a stable future for them.

I have work, and the wife has a new job too. This puts us in a much blessed position and something I’m very grateful for. We could have been dealt very different cards, and I’m very glad we’re both out there able to earn a living.

There’s no link to the difference L&D can make. It’s a job. I’m good at it, and I’ll make a difference to those I work with. That’s what we’re all capable of, and when we give our best, it’s the best we’ll help others achieve.

Just be heartened that today, you’re reading this. You’re not just lucky, you’re richer and more priviliged than the majority of people on this Earth.

I am grateful.


Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

One thought on “What’s my difference?”

  1. Yes, I thank my lucky stars every day, gratitude for my life. It can be better but the it can be a lot worse, as you said, Sukh, I’m richer and more privileged than a whole number of people on this earth. Thanks for your contribution to my life too! #ppia 😊

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