With my writing

I was having a good chat with Meg Peppin last night where I reflected on what my involvement with writing. I realised that I’ve been writing for something near 18 years. 18 years!

It’s always been a casual form of writing, for the enjoyable pursuit of it. I used to write short stories, and poetry. That was enjoyable and allowed me to live a different life through exploring what could be. I also enjoyed the reading that supported that over those years too. I used to read mostly Terry Pratchett books, I loved the way he took everyday concepts, played around with them, made fun of them, and wrote a wonderful narrative.

Later, writing took a back seat as other things became more important. University came and went as did my post graduate. The formal writing of those days I think took some of the wind out of my sails.

It was always something I resolved to return to when the time allowed.

Something I’ve always enjoyed though has been the magic of the written word. Finding the right way to write something. To express yourself. To use the language well.

Then I started a job where everyone was using social media to write and talk. The pull was immediate and I immersed myself into that world ever since. Through different ways, writing became important once more. It became a regular part of my life.

Earlier this week, I wrote about finding your third place, and how I was unsure where mine was these days. In talking with Meg yesterday, I realised that writing has always been my third place. It’s always been what I have thrown myself into without effort and with enjoyment. I don’t feel pressure when I write. I enjoy the articulation of what I’m producing. I want it to be read and enjoyed by others. I enjoy the feedback which urges me to write more.

It’s there, in that realisation that I have a sense of pride. I feel good knowing that I’ve allowed this for myself, and I’ve contributed to something. I want my writing to help others. I want my writing to encourage others. I don’t write to challenge, I write to support. I want my writing to be of use and value. These are the things I hold myself up to with my writing.

Are you interested in applying your creativity in an interesting way? I’m asking people to get involved in Learning Stories to see if they can produce a story about learning which inspires someone to act. The deadline for submission is March 21st 2013. Fancy a challenge?

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Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

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