When L&D forgets about the end game

Hello, I’m Sukh and I’m here to find out more about what learning and development happens in your part of organisation.

Sure, we send people on courses.

And what about social learning?

Informal learning?

Experiential learning?

It’s a familiar conversation, right?

You know who cares about these things? Us L&Ders.

You know who doesn’t care about these things? The people we’re working with.

It’s all a lot of good useful academic debate and classification and codifying and intelligent thought. But it doesn’t matter to the people who need to learn. They just want to learn. If that comes through a webinar, a podcast, a flipped classroom, a MOOC, or face to face solution, then that’s what we provide.

There’s been a lot of good discussion in the L&D world about all sorts of fascinating things. How do we get inside the learner’s head? What should we worried about in L&D? Are MOOCs the future of online learning? How do we utilise LMS to get the best from technology? What can we do about the negative barriers to using e-learning? All good topics to be talking about and good topics to get answers on.

For the L&D Community.

The organisation’s we’re part of? They just need to get their employee engagement scores up. They just need to reduce their churn rate. They just need to retain staff. They just need to be seen as an employer of choice. They just need to turn a profit.

Everything we do in L&D aids each one of those things. The only people who care about how it happens is the L&D department. The only people who care about being game changers are the ones in the L&D community. The only people who care about shaking things up are the ones who want to be L&D thought leaders.

Everyone else just wants to get on with their job.

Are you interested in applying your creativity in an interesting way? I’m asking people to get involved in Learning Stories to see if they can produce a story about learning which inspires someone to act. The deadline for submission is March 21st 2013. Fancy a challenge?

Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

5 thoughts on “When L&D forgets about the end game”

  1. Agreed!!! The worst thing an L&Der can do is to use technical jargon when speaking with an operational line manager.

    Part of it, I believe, is insecurity: HR-related functions always seem to have an inferiority complex when compared with the “real” business. But part of it is also to impress: Look! I really know what I’m talking about.

    The problem is, you won’t impress. You’ll only confuse and obscure the true message, which should be: what results will I be seeing in my people?

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