Content Marketing and L&D

In the digital marketing world, much is touted about content marketing, and how it is driving consumer behaviour in different ways.

What is content marketing? It’s content a brand produces that helps consumers connect with it in different ways. It’s about Old Spice producing the Old Spice guy set of You Tube videos.

With it?

One of the most taxing things about collaborating with L&D professionals is that a lot of practitioners (both internal and external) want to make money from their content. I understand it – they’re being commercial.

Currently this is as far as L&D suppliers go to create content – the odd You Tube video, maybe a white paper, and blogging. If they’re feeling creative, there will be an infographic hiding somewhere too.

That’s fine if you want to be doing what average Joe is doing.

What is great content?

You know what I’d love to see? Things like this being produced in a collaborative effort by L&Ders coming together.

Volkswagen produced that, and I love it. Volkswagen. One of the biggest manufacturers of cars in the world.

And you have L&Ders protesting they need to keep their content to maintain a commercial advantage.

I tell you what, I doubt Volkswagen lost any intellectual property by producing that content.

Which is the point. Content is content. It helps people to learn something. Or to experiment with something. Or to innovate.

L&D could be at its best when it co-produces content. When it comes together and says we can achieve more as a profession when we collaborate.

Imagine the likes of Reed Learning, Power Hour 60, the Mind Gym and etc. venues all coming together to produce content which went out into the world.

Imagine Hemsley Fraser, What Goes Around Limited, OPP Ltd and the Trainers Kitbag collaborating together on a project which produced some content which was unexpected.

Imagine the Learning Performance Institute, weelearning, mylearningworx and Roffey Park coming together to produce content which helps people do something amazing.

Here’s what I’d love to see L&Ders produce:
– a series of learning video podcasts that take people on a journey – not about products, but about a persons learning journey through their daily life
– an art project where pieces of art are produced that evoke personal insight and raise awareness
– a piece of live event content like this

– a set of music sets which lights the heart, sets the soul soaring and lifts the veils
– a short video which inspires meaning and speaks to your inner being

Earlier this year I put out the call for people to produce Learning Stories. I still maintain telling stories is the primary way learning professionals can best help people be their best self.

This call to action is not an easy one.

No-one needs to lose their USP.

Everyone gains by achieving something exciting.


Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

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