HR and the gift of giving

It’s odd to think we need to be almost reminded of how to bring out the best in others. What do we make of this gift of giving?

1) Be present. Fuck the emails hitting your inbox. If the shit’s that important they’ll be in your face or on the phone. Gift people your time. It will help them feel better, and you’ll feel better for having been there for someone.

2) Know your team. No, you’re not that important. Yes, you can pass along work, or even possibly delegate work. Because it’s your gift. People accept these gifts as they’re intended, so let’s fill them with a chance of success.

3) Hear what someone hasn’t said. If you’re going to have a difficult conversation, or embark on something new, really listen to the other person’s being. It’s their gift to you. And it’s mighty powerful.

4) Be mindful of your own voice. It’s your own gift giving back to you. It’s all the knowledge, experience and cynicism built up inside that you need to heed.

5) Engage in dialogue. Because it’s going to help someone grow. Any dialogue is about growth and learning. It’s visceral and untapped. Who knows where it could lead? Don’t drive it, engage with it.

6) Lead with heart. Be bold. Be brave. Be your best self. It’s what we desperately need today, and every day. When we stop is when things become boring and bland and process driven.

7) Scold with clarity. Use information wisely. Don’t be underhand. Help enlighten others. Mistakes happen. Life isn’t straightforward. Help someone grow.

8) Build something useful. Our gift is about growth of people. If you’re not focused on that, please let the door hit you firmly in the behind on way out.

9) Create meaningful connections. We’re in a unique place. It’s all about connections. People want and need to be connected. We can do that better than any other single function in an organisation.

10) Make it happen. Dawdling is for wimps and wallflowers. Take action. Do something. Be remembered. That gift will stay with someone for years.

Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

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