This thing about positive psychology

So, yeah I’m holding a series of open workshops in 2014 on the topic of positive psychology. The first is in London, on Tuesday 18th March. You can either book clicking on the button to the right, or here.

Anyway, why bother? Here’s the hard sell, for those who want some clarity about what you can learn.

So what is this thing about positive psychology though? Why is it even a topic, and why should I care about learning about it?

Here’s the thing. I want you to live a good life. But importantly, we all want to live a good life.

A good life can mean so much, and is so varied.

A good life could mean you make more money. It could mean you gain that promotion you’ve been seeking. It could mean achieving a personal goal. It could be about finding the partner who’s right for you.

We all define ‘good’ according to what our value set is all about.

And seemingly, if you’re on social media, you read about stories of people all living apparently good and happy lives. Well, that’s partly the beauty of and the challenge of using social media to share your stories. Do you want to be the one people see as spreading sad/upsetting news, or the person who shares good/happy stories that people ‘like’?

It’s tough too, because the more we read about other’s stories, the more we have the urgency to share something of our own. It’s a form of conformity which we’re largely unattuned to, and can be hard to resist. I know I fall guilty of it – and in part, I help promote this.

I wouldn’t call it a fall sense of happiness, I’d call it a false sense of reality. Social media allows to be seen what we share through it. Once people have a perception of what you’re about, and you have a sense of that, it’s hard to be someone different or to include other aspects of yourself.

Thankfully, there’s been a host of research, both academically and in the corporate environment, that helps us to understand what it means to be happy, and to live a good authentic life. We can take those learnings and apply them to our personal life, and to how we operate corporately.

The challenge to this all is making it happen. I can help you learn more about it. You can obviously read more about various authentic and positive practices yourself.

Here’s what I know, though. This thing about positive psychology isn’t going away. People will be hearing about it more, and people will be wanting to understand how to make it happen. It will start to make a better and positive difference to people’s lives, and it will start to help working environments be better. Quite definite statements, aren’t they? Who can guarantee anything? I can guarantee it insofar as I know that this area of psychology is already having a positive impact in a lot of ways.

If I want you to live a good life, I want you to understand how to do that, and how to make it happen. Make a booking to the next workshop here.

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Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

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