36 things I know now I wish I knew then

1. Blessings come in all forms. See them for what they are and be appreciative they happened in your life.

2. If you fought harder for some sacrifices, they wouldn’t have been sacrifices at all.

3. Some of those battles you thought were worth fighting, was just you fighting yourself.

4. Sometimes you really wind people up the wrong way, and you know it’s because of how you’ve delivered the message.

5. You can be highly considerate of others, but sometimes you need to let them know that’s what’s happened.

6. I can totally learn about world economics and it can be seriously fascinating.

7. You’re only learning more as an L&D pro. This is your biggest strength, and may lead to you getting complacent.

8. The new friendships you’ve made have helped you see that life is always offering new chances and opportunities to see things differently.

9. Your belief in the best in people is not shared by a lot of people. Don’t lose that. Ever.

10. You can totally learn about how to manage your personal finances better. The moment you lose faith is the moment you lose.

11. Getting a hug from your kids always feels awesome.

12. Some of the decisions you’ve made haven’t been as just as you made out. Don’t fake it. Be true.

13. You totally should have bought Twitter and Royal Mail shares when they floated.

14. Pay more attention to current affairs. You’re not as savvy as you should be about what’s happening in the world and what that means.

15. Wagamama is the best food ever. Get on it much sooner.

16. It was always in your control to get Wimbledon tickets. You’ve just been a lazy ass about it. Every year.

17. Writing on this blog is the one consistent challenge that keeps you on the right side of true.

18. Also, the blog isn’t as important as you make it out to be.

19. When you make your wife laugh, everything is better.

20. Everything is understandable in life. It’s not your responsibility to understand it all though.

21. You have a belief you’ve created goodwill in your online communities. Be careful how much you try to use that for your own purpose.

22. Don’t forget to be kind to others. Sometimes your perception of reality is just wrong.

23. Also, don’t be afraid to be transparent about what your thought process is.

24. There are some excellent developments in creating powerful learning sessions. You don’t know them all, so focus on what you do well.

25. When you seek out opportunities to make yourself better, it opens up so many more possibilities.

26. Be more mindful about what the kids are living. There’s a wealth of life happening. Impose and you’ll miss it.

27. Learning the Japji Sahib gives you strength. You’ve procrastinated far too long about it.

28. You’ve kept life going with Joe, Jerry and Jim. Keep them around. It’ll be good.

29. Regular purposeful exercise has always been enjoyable. It peaks and troughs for you, so just keep finding things that work for you.

30. You haven’t tapped into technology and it’s potential for learning and development nearly enough. You lose.

31. Reading books has taken a back seat in your day to day. You totally lose.

32. You’re making strides into creating a new future within L&D. You could be part of something awesome.

33. There are tough decisions to be made with regards to your career. You can be impatient, so learn to be patient. Things will happen when they’re meant to.

34. Don’t stop creating opportunities for good things to happen. Life happens, but we can help determine what opportunities we present for ourselves.

35. Making positive psychology an importance in your life has been an amazing thing in your life.

36. Life keeps passing good things your way for you to enjoy and help you be the best version of yourself. Be mindful of them, and you’ll be in good stead.

Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

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