Doing some social recruiting

So I made the classic hiring mistake on social media. I tweeted out that I’m hiring for an L&D Facilitator, shared it on LinkedIn and got a seriously low response rate. So much so that I may as well not have bothered.

Screenshot 2014-04-21 at 19.26.19

And I got in touch with lots of people I know asking them directly if they knew of anyone who might be interested. All in my quest to not go down the route of using agencies or job boards.

They got retweeted and shared aplenty which was jolly splendid of everyone. What I was disappointed by was how little the response was. So I ranted a little, and subsequently got told it’s because I’m not engaging people as to why they should bother.

Fair. Point.

I’ve been at One Housing Group for about ten months now. OHG are a social housing association. That is, they provide housing to people in society who cannot get there on their own. OHG also have a strong care and support arm. This means we specialise in supporting people in society who have various vulnerabilities such as alcohol dependency, drug abuse, mental health sufferers, and older people.

Our social purpose is core to the work we do. As time goes on, I’m starting to better understand more just how important the work housing associations, such as OHG, is. And it’s bringing to the fore the many challenges to help create a learning organisation.

I’m helping create a shared understanding of what this looks like, and what I need for the next 12 months is someone to come in and help deliver and facilitate learning sessions to help everyone at OHG be their best.

That’s my thing. I like people being their best. If I can help them get there, life is good. With 1200 staff, there’s a lot to do. From designing team building sessions, providing advice on what constitutes learning, facilitating management development sessions, using our LMS and helping embed informal learning practices, I’m looking for someone to really step into a role which will offer complete development opportunities and truly test your L&D skills.

I don’t care about what skill set you come armed with. I’m hopeful that regardless of your background and experience, your attitude is all about the learner and how to help them. The people at OHG are a great group of people to work with. They care about making resident’s and clients lives better. The more we can do to help them achieve that, the more we can prove the value of L&D. And in this environment, that’s the silver bullet right there.

But don’t worry about that, that’s what I’m there for.

OHG is also a very successful commercial organisation. Our commercial activities are how we ensure our social activities are maintained and sustained. That brings a difference to the traditional housing association industry and means you need to be someone who can help people move along that journey. It’s not natural for everyone to act or work with commerciality in mind.

And I’d be doing the HR team a disservice if I didn’t give praise to them. We’ve got a committed group of pros who are providing OHG with some first class business support. There are jam doughnuts and sweets being regularly supplied, and some good lunch buddies to have a break with. We try and model the behaviours we’re advocating in the business with regular team meetings, peer discussion forums and openness of sharing information.

If you think this is somewhere you’d like to work, check out the full details here and it’s also being advertised on Personnel Today.


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Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

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