Membership, fairness and doing the right thing

A while ago I recall a consultant I worked with talking to a team about doing things right and doing the right thing. As business decisions go, sometimes we think we have to do things right as the way forward. Less often does it seem that we do things because they’re right to do.

This week I slighted the CIPD and the LPI and that was unfair of me. I accused them both of being arrogant in the digital learning space and that wasn’t right.

I’m not a paying member of either. I don’t have any direct formal relationship with them or with people involved in their activities.

I actively attend their events and have indeed been invited on numerous occasions to be a blogger at their events. So by proxy I am a supporter of both. I’m not deluded enough to think that my word has weight beyond my readership, but I am very aware that writing about them negatively in public, well it just isn’t cricket.

Ed and Andy, please do accept my apologies for the slight against both your organisations.

The CIPD are carving a new way of delivering their learning through digital means. The launch of their MOOC was pretty impressive in support of HR pros who want to understand digital environments better. They’re delivering the Level 5 in CIPD quals through entirely digital means, and that’s ace. Their events and content team are pretty excellent at producing shareable content which is not something a lot of people are doing.

The LPI are engaging with their members and non-member through some pretty impressive digital means. The launch of Learning Now TV is a big step change for the learning community. A regular hourly production of learning content relevant to the current topics related to L&D. If you’ve not watched one of the shows, check it out here. They’ve also created a social network just for L&D professionals called the Learning Professional Network. And very regularly they deliver free webinars for anyone to access and participate in talking about L&D content on a range of topics.

All of us in this space are part of the L&D community. I am an active member of this community. Where there’s good things happening I’m only happy to shout about them and praise them. Where I’ve been unfair and need to explain my support of the community, that’s the right thing to do.


Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

One thought on “Membership, fairness and doing the right thing”

  1. Sukh, that’s a really appreciated post; and it takes humility and courage to put that reflection up. No organisation is perfect and CIPD is working hard on a whole range of things. And in that change process I want to emulate the humility and courage you have shown and also to acknowledge the need for “critical friends” to spur us on. Things are moving so fast in the world of L&D that we need a broad spectrum of professionals and opinions to help us all to continue to be effective in our practice and “edgy” in our thinking. Glad to be in that gang with you!

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