New voices in L&D?

I haven’t heard any new voices in L&D in a long time.

A. Long. Time.

I have no idea what the new entrants to our profession are thinking.

I have no idea what the new entrants to our profession want to achieve.

I have no idea what they want to change.

What they want to understand better.

What excites them.

What worries them.

I couldn’t even tell you who these new entrants are.

My L&D bubble hasn’t been broken in a long time.

For all of February, I am opening up my blog for anyone in L&D who doesn’t get to comment regularly / ordinarily – and in particular to those new to the profession.

You can write about whatever you want. No guiding question. No theme. The blog is yours. You can write one piece, you can write 7 pieces. You have a home here, and you are welcome. You can make a video, you can draw art, you can swear, you can be polite, you can provoke, and you can just muse. You can write poetry, you can write in prose, you can saw one word, or write an essay.

Come one. Come all.

The first will be published on Mon 3rd Feb, and we’ll see how regular it is thereafter.

Interested? Email me

Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

4 thoughts on “New voices in L&D?”

  1. Hi Sukh. Love this idea! I’ve passed it on to a new L&D friend, someone who has moved to London from the US having studied a Masters in Organisational Design and Leadership, and is looking to start her working career in L&D. She’s keen to meet people in the UK/Europe industry, widen her network, and learn more about how what she’s studied and learnt is practically applied in the workplace.

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