Things I’ve learned in 2020

We all have trauma and pain that we need to deal with and resolve.

In all likelihood, that trauma and pain is the cause of many bad decisions and ongoing bad decisions.

I never took for granted having good health, and my recovery from Covid-19 highlighted to me just how good my health has been.

My extended family continue to be important for my wellbeing.

My immediate family continue to be everything to me.

I learned years ago that a strong support network of people who can build you up and help you be your best self is crucial for my resilience. They have been a constant source of energy and life for me.

My closest friends are such good guys. They’re good men and they’re good people.

I miss my commute into London. I don’t miss the transport, I miss the people. I never cared if people were too close, or man-spreading, or eating their lunch. That shared space was whatever any of us needed it to be.

Similarly I miss the live shared experiences. Sitting with my team and someone bursts into laughter. In a pub and the buzz and the energy. In a cinema and everyone being shocked at the reveal. At the bus stop and commenting on the service.

My daily walk is much more regenerative than I realised.

I am building my confidence with mountain biking. I hate hills.

I really don’t like not trusting my surroundings. So much of what I have security in is based on trusting that my environment, the people I’m with and the general infrastructure of life.

Everyone is reacting so very differently to lockdown and the various edicts we receive. It’s very hard to know if there’s meant to be a “right” answer.

We are learning, live, what it means to live through a global pandemic in a way many of us would never have thought probable except in dystopian novels and films.

Science is the genuine winner. We have experts in their fields crunching the data, doing the analysis and studying all related things. This is how you combat large scale disease.

Conspiracy theories and fake news are far more a problem than we realised after the 2016 Brexit and Trump votes.

I am loving Viola Davis in How To Get Away With Murder. Her character, Annalise Keating is a equally brilliant and frightening.

Black Lives Matter. Until they do, we cannot claim all lives matter.

I am really impressed with Disney+.

Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

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