You know when you laugh…

Something for a Friday? Sure.

Perhaps what we need is to share something. Create some… connections.

But, you know, something genuine, and something… fun.

I like playing with the tangible and giving people a glimpse into something else.

It’s what sparks an idea you see. That thing over there.

So, here it is >

You know when you laugh, and you can’t help but do a body laugh? And you’re laughing so hard your sides start to hurt? And you’re enjoying the feeling but want it to stop? And then you think back to that and you can picture the exact thing that made it happen?

When I was 18, we were holding an event at the gurdwara. My good friend Jerry and I were in the car park. More specifically, he was on the bonnet of my car, and I was in the driver’s seat. I thought it would be fun to see what would happen if I accelerated the car from 0-30 mph in the space of 10 metres and brake sharply. It was great. As soon as the car stopped, Jerry started flying into the air. I could see him launch and was shocked at what I was watching. He must have travelled 15 metres before he came crashing to the concrete floor and doing several rolls. He immediately stood up and we both stood there in shock for a moment before we feel into a fit of laughter. Thankfully he had little bruising and a few grazes on his leg. It was awesome.

I love that.

Your turn?