These bloggers…

One of the key ways I learn and develop is to read. I like reading, and always have done. From comic books to fiction writing to newspapers to journals to blogs. It’s all good stuff in my opinion and helps keep me aware of what’s going on in the world – both in terms of actual world events and in terms of the various worlds I inhabit. If I didn’t read, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy life as much either. There’s just something about reading which is engaging and educating all at the same time.

It’s also why I enjoy Twitter so much. I get exposed to a lot of content which I can consume in my own way at my pace. Where I see there are bloggers out there who are getting into a groove with their blogging, I enjoy watching how that unfolds for them. I don’t often take part in the etiquette known as ‘follow friday’, and I’m going to do a short series over December focused at doing just that.

I think Meg Pippin writes a really interesting blog about organisational development. Her latest piece on “Talk to me” is a nice example of her thoughts on the topic. She writes about her observations of what’s happening in the workplace, and how interactions happen. Her Twitter presence is enjoyable too. She gets involved in conversations and shares her good humour openly.

Have you met Phil Willcox? This guy is a class guy. He has some solid experience in the learning and development arena and enjoys wanting to create a better future for other professionals too. It’s cos of his work with DPG Plc and the EI Academy that I’ve taken a stronger stance on what’s happening in the field of emotional intelligence and body language. “Cracking the hardest nut” is a great piece from Phil which shows him voicing his opinions quite clearly.

Flora Marriott is a long time Twitter user and recent blogger. She’s been a core part of the #connectinghr community and is a pleasure to know. She is honestly one of the smartest people I know, and always has such interesting insights into a lot of life’s happenings. She’s about to embark on a personal journey which is awesome and I (and many others) will be following her trails closely. Go have a read of this “Isles of Wonder“.