A 2014 pledge

Hello. How are you? I’ve been thinking and plotting and ruminating and using big words.

I had a good chat with Broc Edwards today, and it got me thinking. Here’s a guy who gets up at 0430 (yes, that time exists) most days so that he can start his day early and get things accomplished. He goes to the gym, he’s with his kids and he’ll take time to Skype with people several thousand miles away from him. All before he goes to work a full day. His best opportunity to connect with someone professionally is via the interwebs. If he wants to get a group of people together and hold an unconference, it’s going to be a big effort. Not because it can’t happen, but because there’s all these professionals who live hours away from each other in different directions.

It made me reflect on the ease of which things happen in the community in the UK. Two months ago, we started talking about doing the next L&D Connect unconference, and within a week it’ll have happened and past. I can arrange a lunch or coffee meet up with relative ease any day of the week. I send text messages to friends and not worry about data charges or calling other mobile networks because of the availability of inclusive minutes. This is all good and easy and helps me to connect.

This morning I attended a breakfast meeting courtesy of the Strategic HR Network. It was a good meeting where we spoke about Trust at work. How very fresh a topic to hear about and to talk with other professionals about. We spoke about the gap between what leaders say and what they do. We spoke about the difference between intent and actions. We spoke about perception and reality. We spoke about vulnerability and the courage to act.

And this has all got me thinking.

What does 2014 hold?

Or rather, what do I want it to hold?

Well, I want to create meaning. I try to do that anyway, but I want to really focus on it. So here’s some things I’m going to play around with and see what happens:

– I’m going to have more fun with creating content to share online. I loved producing my Prezi about Business Minded L&D, and will do more of this.

– I’m going to create more YouTube videos. I love the challenge of engaging people I can’t see and can’t feed off.

– I’m going to submit more papers to talk at conferences and the likes. I have things to say and I am missing opportunities to be heard.

– (this also means I’m open to being approached for talking at conferences)

– I’m going to share more about positive psychology and wellbeing. These topics are important to me, and I enjoy helping people understand them.

This is all professional stuff yo. I have personal things I’ll be focusing on too. Like:

– I’m going to help my family be happy as much as I can. Without them, I’m nothing.

– I’m going to play tennis. You’d think that someone who talks about it enough that I should really be playing it too.

– I’m going to laugh with and support my friends.

– I’m going to be more smart about my savings and managing my finances.

That’s me. This was good. Let’s do it again.