What balance are you trying to achieve?

An interesting question was posed the other day on Twitter – what do you do that makes work/life balance work for you?

Hmm. I’m going to address this with a non-standard issue response.

What is balance? How do we achieve balance? How do we maintain that balance? How do we evaluate if we are balanced? As a professional, I would suggest these are key questions you have to be able to answer.

As an individual who also believes in the human spirit I think there are other questions to consider. What happens when balance is knocked off course? Who controls that balance? Where is your power? Do you understand you have power?

These are the questions you should be searching to answer.

Work/life balance is an illusion. It is temporary and it is flawed. You have the power and the capacity to determine what balance you have. No-one can determine this for you. Your employer has no control over you. You have not, and indeed have no way of, signed your soul to the devil. The effort you put in is the effort you perceive you need to exercise. No amount of recognition nor reward will compensate this effort. It is an individual effort, that only you are accountable for.

No-one can tell you what it is the best way to achieve the balance you are searching for. Only you understand what it means to have balance. I hold the Dalai Lama in high regard as a spiritual being. I don’t listen to a word he says as no matter how sage the advice, or how insightful it may be, unless I act on it, it means nothing. You mean nothing. Your work means nothing. Your balance is what you have created it to be.

Your perception that you need to improve this, is because your perception is that others are enjoying their life. This is flawed. Others are not. They face daily struggles and daily battles that they fight. You do not see these as they have learned how not to show these. Their balance is as temporary as is yours.

What is important today, will not be important tomorrow. The balance I have right now, as of this moment, is there because of what I deem it to be. Tomorrow my focus will change and the world will change. My balance will need re-addressing and I will again need to question what this means.

You have the power. Your power is in your control. If you feel as if you are being directed away from your power, you need to understand that you gave it away. No-one can take it. You offer it, and it is used. If you aren’t in control of your power how do you expect to be in control of your balance?

So. What balance are you trying to achieve?

The nature of this post was inspired by a post written by TheHRD in his post on the secret of happiness.