>Make training fun?

>Last week’s Q&A post on the use of role plays in training was a nice experiment and turned out just as I wanted. My thanks to all who took part in it. For me, the important thing to bear in mind for future Q&A’s is to not bother with a summary post at the end of the week because:
1) I’m not that important
2) My readers can wean their own conclusions from people’s comments
3) I didn’t actually say anything different

So, on to this week’s Q&A.

If you are promoting training, should one of your key selling points, be “it’s fun!”. I read far too many training types who think that this is a valid selling point. As you may gather, I’m not convinced. I’m not concerned about the structure of the training, or its content, or the style of delivery, my questions this week is restricted to:

When promoting training, internal or external, how does the word “fun” help or hinder this promotion?