What the potential?

It’s an odd one isn’t it. You’ll be reading this most likely on your commute to work, at your desk, or whilst doing something humdrum. You’ll give it a thought, and let it pass. You’ll get on and do what you’re paid to do, and come back tomorrow to do the same. There will be meetings, there will be lunch, there will be interesting people to connect with, and it’ll all pass without a second thought. It’s life.

Was there a reason you started working in the profession you are in? I’m kind of asking the question Jerry Maguire found himself asking before he got sacked from his sports representative job. His ah ha moment lead to a life changing set of events. Most of us won’t have that though. Even now, you’re just reading thinking, “yeah, I remember that in the movie”.

I’m asking you, dear reader, what’s your reason for being at work? Is it to pay the bills? Is it to buy a new house? Is it to move country? Is it to provide for your family? Is it to have job security? All of those are very valid you know. And if you’re sure it’s one of them, then carry on and do the job you’re paid to do.

But what if your purpose is something else? What if your purpose is to help others? It’s to develop others? It’s to carve your own life? It’s to write your own destiny? It’s to right the problems in society? Are you supposed to pack up your nice well paid job and fulfil your life’s dream? (Please don’t take that as a call to action if you’re not in the position to do so)

But certainly, you’re now thinking, “well what is my purpose I wonder?” And you’ll probably stop at that question. Unless you can talk to someone. Pose that question to someone you trust? A friend? Your partner? A trusted colleague? Maybe even a coach or mentor? That conversation, well it could lead somewhere that’s for sure.

We’re all finding our way in this world. We all have pressures, insecurities, ambitions, and more that drive us to do the work we do. Some of us will be lucky enough to be able to determine that path on our terms. I want you to do that. I want you to believe you can live a fulfilled life. I want you to be the best you can be.

Or you can just think, “Hmm, that was interesting” and carry on doing what you’re paid to do.