Bad Things Happen

An unusual title from me really isn’t it? I don’t normally call things out like this. You know, I’m meant to be one of those fluffy types. A weakness is meant to be about development opportunities. Problems are meant to be about challenges to overcome. Personality clashes are meant to be about a good chance to give feedback and have a chat. But you know, sometimes life is just a bit shit.

Woah! Hold on there, Sukh! Where am I going with this? Well, let’s back track to Positive Psychology. When Martin Seligman talks about this, he tells us the same. He talks about his own life diffciulties in having depression and suffering a bi-polar condition because of it. He talks about how in his life, as much as he wants everyday to be a good day, sometimes they’re just not.

This is worth understanding better. How can the man who started this field of psychology ask us to accept this? Well, because it’s a fact of life. Life doesn’t always play nice. We can be doing all the right things, and yet things happen to just throw us off track. Sometimes you get beaten down. Your energy, it gets sapped. Your motivation, it goes. Your ambition, it wanes. Le Sigh, right?

So what’s the solution? Well, you just accept it’s a shit occurrence. Oddly massively sense-making isn’t it? I can’t change the fact that right now I feel shit. I can’t change the fact that right now I don’t want to be around others. I can’t change the fact that I feel really bad. I can’t change the fact that right now I wish I was living a different life. I can’t change the fact that right now I just want to cry. Don’t change what’s happening right now. Accept it’s shit. Accept it’s not what you want. And just let it be.

Tomorrow, or at the next best opportunity, something will come along and help you be better. See, life has a funny habit if doing that too. It may pass things your way which make it bad, but at the same time, it will pass things your way which are bloody awesome and good. Often, we need others to help us see that these exist. I’ve talked before about the importance of support networks when you’re feeling down, it’s when you’re ready to come out of it that this network is all important.

That’s one of the other things I’ll be writing about in another post is the importance of a support network in Positive Psychology and how it plays a vital role in building resilience and helping others to live a vibrant life. For today, though, let’s take some heart knowing that every day doesn’t have to be great. Today can be shit. Tomorrow presents a different set of thinking and opportunities.