Integrating Technology and Learning

First session on day two of HRD12 is about Integrating Technology and Learning with insight from the BBC on how they do this. Anne Morrison, Director of the BBC Academy explains how they’ve used a variety of technology to do this within the organisation.

This is a fascinating session that covers a good range of content on how the BBC have gone on this journey. They have a suite of internal delivery methods from courses to events to intranets, and open content they are happy to be shared with the industry, for it to be distributed, and using events, festivals, podcasts and social media to help learning to happen.

The types of learning that goes online for them are: information, updates, tips, reminders, simulations and compliance. There is possibility to have cross over of what is covered online and offline, and this is where blended learning often takes place.

They’ve found some really useful things that work well:
– reaching distributed and fragmented audiences
– reaching the industry
– ROI for larger number of users
– tracking and reporting
– brevity
– knowledge and information resources
– sharing experience
– creating scenarios

Interestingly, they leave the content in the hands of the users, and trust users to generate the content that is required. Those using the online sites are also going to be the voice of the user, so the content creation and curation is left with users. I like this a lot. As part of this, they also trust users to develop content in the format that fits best from elearning courses through to podcasts through to social media.