And I say unto thee… live.

Learning and development. It’s boring.

Presentations. They’re boring too.

HR. Yup, them too.

Finance. Incredibly so.

Business itself. Also boring.

Nothing about anything we do on a day to day basis is interesting in corporate life. Not really.

Doctors, the police, firefighters, teachers. They’re interesting. They provide a service very few of us can.

Not us lot though.

We’re boring.


Except for those of us who bring things to life.

We take the mundane and the uninteresting and we shake it up a little until it becomes interesting.

We see purpose behind things.

Those figures? They tell a story.

Those policies? Help others live.

Those models? Create new ways of thinking.

That new business model? Helps people live a fulfilled life.


What are you going to make interesting?