This day is always yours

As chance has it, today is World Mental Health Day. I didn’t intend to write a post about this in particular but the content is supportive of this worthy awareness.

One of the things I struggle with in life is when I doubt my ability to do or achieve something. I can get quite stubborn once I’ve set my mind on getting somewhere or following a certain path. There have certainly been occasions when I know I’m on the wrong path of action, but refuse to move because I have this belief that I’m on a path which I’ve crafted and therefore I must honour.

What helps me a lot is the people around me. I am certainly not one to spite my face by cutting off my nose. I quite like my facial features and desire them to remain intact. Much like I quite like my psyche and do not care to harm it in any way. And this is where the people I have around me help, a lot.

I have strength enough to know that if I voice an opinion, someone will offer theirs whom I trust and I then take this to help me decide my course of action. Because no matter what, I am responsible for my actions. No one compels me to act in a way I don’t already agree with.

Which is true of everyone. No one is compelled to act in a way they don’t agree with. Yes, there are bad people in this world who can force you to act against your will, and this is mostly because they have taken away the belief that a person can act positively.

We can all act, if we choose to do so. Nothing is planned in this life. We are not determined by some other being. I am, you are, we do of our own accord. Personally this still holds true to my belief in Sikhi. I believe in God, and I believe in my ability to make the right choice. Indeed this is what Sikhi teaches us. If I act in positive ways for myself and in the service of others, I am with God.

There are those, though, who believe that they have no choice. That they have no way of making decisions. They are helpless to the path carved out before them. This is a nonsense.

This day is yours. It is mine. Each and everyday is a chance to do great. The opportunities we seek are in abundance only if we see them. I am a believer in the power of choice. Even deciding to do nothing is an active choice. Be better. Make that positive choice.