The importance of relationships

I’m a relationship kind of guy. Someone who enjoys building them, cultivating them, nurturing them, and generally having them. And that’s inclusive of all types of relationships. With my wife, with friends, with work colleagues, with suppliers, with superiors, with just about anyone that I end up meeting. Human existence thrives on relationships, without them we are nothing.

In Sikhi we are taught that the company of those around us is a blessed thing and we should seek it out whenever possible. In psychology we are taught about various facets of relationships and the importance of them on mental and psychological wellbeing. In the workplace we are often taught to be collegiate and be helpful to those around us, those we work with and those working either under us or on behalf of us. In society we are taught that doing things for the greater good is the ideal to have. That we should aim to do things which will bring some positive contribution to society. Personally my parents have taught me that relationships are the very cornerstone of a happy home life.

I’m in agreement with all that. It makes sense, you can see how it works and you can see how it can fall apart. When people don’t invest the time to do these things you can see the reactions from others. Why did they act like that? Don’t they see the harm they are doing? Do they lack self awareness? Are they socially inept? Do they not care about there around them?

Sadly, not everyone is geared up to this mentality. I say sadly because it is something we are all capable of doing, and I believe we should do. This has nothing to do with personal tendencies for space, privateness, extraversion, introversion, personalities, or any other individual trait. This is, I believe, a fundamental aspect of human life that we should be highly conscious of helping to grow.

Many ills in society, family, communities, individuals can be seen to have a link with the level of relationships people have in all of those groups (and others). I’m cautious to say there are causal links, as research is constantly being carried out about the power of groups both negative and positive.

But, if we took the time to genuinely develop relationships that have meaning, we can see intuitively that a general level of positivity and constructive behaviours would arise. As I’ve said above, regardless of your personal bent, we are all capable of doing this. Some are naturally better at this than others, and some have difficulty with it. But just because it is difficult does not mean it should not be something we aim to strive for.

Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

3 thoughts on “The importance of relationships”

  1. I agree with everything you say Sukh. Good relationships are the cornerstone of healthy interaction. Sometimes this is a difficult one for me. I’ve learned this the hard way in some personal and professional relationships, that being right (believing you are right in any case) even if that proves to be true, can come at the expense of those relationships. I also find sycophancy distasteful…especially where it is an obvious attempt at gaining favour…but it seems to work in many workplace. Those with the relationships with the right people get the resources…and the accolades.

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