Leadership in public life is lacking

Elected public officials are given the mandate to improve things for others. That can look like a lot of things. Resolving hardship, better resources on the ground, improved housing conditions, better strategic policing and public safety, improving public health, taking care of the public purse, and so much more.

This current UK government seems to not be interested in improving anything that matters, and instead focusing on initiatives and policies that aren’t as important as other points of focus.

In almost any major department, there is such a lack of leadership on giving hope and vision to the public. Just what is Nadine Dorries delivering to improve entertainment, sports and culture? Selling off C4 doesn’t seem to be as hopeful or progressive as is being touted. How are we going to invest in and continue to support the arts and culture of the country?

What is the business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng doing for UK business? I’m a small business owner, and I couldn’t point to a single thing that helps me to know what the government will be doing to help my business thrive. I’m not waiting for them to do stuff either and experimenting in many ways for my small business to be a success.

How about the housing crisis in the UK? What is Michael Gove’s plan here? How are everyday Britons going to afford to get on the property ladder and build their lives in different ways? Related, what is being done for stronger infrastructure so these new schemes are not just delivered, but able to thrive?

There is so much focus given to cultural politics and identity politics in everyday discourse from these “leaders” and their colleagues in Cabinet, that it’s farcical. What are we meant to believe in for the UK? Where is the hope and the vision that leads us from wherever we are today, to a better tomorrow?

For all the talk and rhetoric of Brexit being good for us, the evidence to date seems to indicate that our lives have been made harder, and will be for some time to come. With a political leader who willingly lies to the House of Commons, and isn’t held accountable, what hope is there for political strength? The public can handle the truth, but with spin and lies being such a part of public messaging, if Brexit means harder times now for improved living in 10 years time, we should be told that.

We have incredibly smart and intelligent people who could create excellent policy for the UK if they were given the permission, autonomy and authority to do that. Instead, they’re given remits of work which doesn’t advance the country, and that’s just a dire indictment of the lack of ambition and leadership from our publicly elected officials. UK industry needs political leadership to truly unlock and allow innovation and creativity to flourish.

Since the vote for Brexit, we’ve had such a lack of high quality leadership. Instead we’ve had to deal with political parties embroiled in their own internal games and politics, while leaving the public left incredibly wanting. How different things could be for all if political power wasn’t the focus, and advancing / progressing the country were the genuine agenda.

Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

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