Sometimes the English language can throw up a word and you use it, and you go… ‘huh?’

Like the word ‘kilter’. As in ‘Things are out of kilter at the moment’.

And the word ‘ubiquitous’. Firstly, it’s really hard to say. Secondly, it’s really hard to spell. And third, when do you actually use it other than to describe the ubiquity of social media with daily life? I don’t know when I’ve ever heard something else being ubiquitous.

Going back to ‘kilter, I want to know when things stop being out of kilter. When can I be unkiltered? or re-kiltered to life? or can I be kilteriffic?


What’s the point of this? Just to say, I’m out of kilter at the moment. I’m out of sorts. Things are off balance. I’ve currently lost groove and flow and unsure when they’ll return.

It’s ok, yo, these things happen. It doesn’t stop me being a good person, it doesn’t stop me being good at my job, it doesn’t even stop me from loving the people in my life.

I’m just out of kilter. I’ll get back on track when I am dekiltered(?).

Until then, Le Sigh.

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Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

4 thoughts on “Kilter”

  1. Sorry to hear that bud – from my side of the screen (!) you’ve been firing on all cylinders getting meaningful stuff done. Maybe it’s taken more energy/resource than you had to give & stay well? I didn’t see that coming but if that’s the case I can see how that’s happened…

    Words. Funnily I’ve got a blog post ruminating on “Esprit de Corps”… the morale in a group. “Morale” seems to more commonly be used to describe issues – the negative state. I believe focussing on the deeper meaning of “Esprit de Corps” allows us to support each other well. That is “the consciousness of & pride in belonging to a particular group; the shared sense of purpose & fellowship”. That means helping each other out when we’re at a low ebb or off-kilter.

    So friend, what can I do to help?

    1. Appreciate the hand, David.

      Online life means we’re never sure how things are until someone let’s it be known. This post was just as much me articulating it for myself as it was to let it be known.

      You’re right too, the perception of things being ok means we get easily lead to believe they therefore are. Nothing wrong with that thinking either.

  2. Totally understand – I have felt much the same since my operation. Okay… but not just the full Gem. It’s kind of scary, sometimes.
    Be kind to yourself, and go with the flow. Your kilter will return.

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