A Cappella music and Pentatonix

Sometimes I go off piste on the blog and talk about things completely unrelated to what I normally bang on about. Like this one.

I’m a fan of the a cappella band Pentatonix. Many of you will remember the epic base tones and high tones of the cooler than cool Boyz II Men. Here’s a little reminder of who they were >>

And just because I’m a big fan of the US chat show host Jimmy Fallon, here’s one of him with The Roots singing We Are The Champions and you may recognise a few famous people helping him out.

In recent years, I’ve come across Pentatonix. In fact this was the first piece I remember watching of theirs >>

The level of skill and ability in that video just took me away. The two doing beats and sounds (Avi and Kevin) have epic ability. They clearly practise hard and it pays off because they lead the vocalists so well.

And when you hear the three vocalists (Mitch, Scott and Kirstie) do their thing, it’s just a pleasure to listen to. Sure they’re just covering popular music of the ages, but they’re doing it completely a cappella.

It’s when you start to watch and listen to their recent stuff like their version of Daft Punk, which is a medley of Daft Punk songs that you realise their ability. There are no musical instruments being used. None. Even Boyz II Men with their talent couldn’t resist and ended up using instruments in their songs.

Just watch this. Then re-watch it to see how much talent they have >>

I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I’ve watched this video. It’s just a sheer joy to listen to.

It’s taken them some time to break free of just doing covers, as talented as they are, it’s hard to sell just covers. So I was quite pleased they started to release their own songs and here’s one they did called Love Again >>

They haven’t hit mainstream yet because they haven’t quite got the right marketing backing and management to boost them onto modern media channels as we might be used to with other talented artists. They’re totally out there, though, on the iTunes and the Spotify and tours and the rest of it.

With anyone that shows talent, one of the major elements of success is who decides to sponsor you. These guys are helping the sound system company, Bose, to show off the quality of the system. When you’re next in a electrical shop and they have a Bose set up to display, go check it out and you’ll be able to watch and hear these guys do their thing. That’s how good they are. Unfortunately I can’t find a link, so you’ll have to trust me on this and check it out yourselves.

That’s it, nothing more to see here, just some love for a really talented group. Oh, here’s another of their original songs, Can’t Sleep Love >>

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