Twitter is…

The conversation comes along regularly enough. “Just what do you get out of using Twitter?” “How do you manage to use it during the day?” “What am I meant to tweet about?” “Is it only for big brands and celebs?” “You’ve sent how many tweets?”

And I always find it a hard one to answer because I don’t use it for any one particular reason. So here’s a breakdown of why I use this micro-blogging platform…

Mainstream News

I find Twitter invaluable for keeping up to date with mainstream news. There have been countless occasions when news breaks on Twitter first. Because I use it a lot, I’ll often see that and it’s a great way of not missing out.

Additionally I find that many journalists or print papers will continue the discussion in some form on Twitter and that can be a real insight into thinking behind news pieces.

Industry News

This is just massive. There are a growing number of organisations in the HR and L&OD space who are using Twitter to reveal industry news. Be it about employment law, employee relations, performance management, learning and development, organisation development, occupational psychology or whatever you may be interested in, you are pretty much guaranteed to be in touch with the latest news about these fields.


A lot of people blog – A LOT. I subscribe to the ones I want to keep in touch with so I don’t lose their writing. And there are many more I don’t want to subscribe to and am happy to find them via Twitter.

The best thing for me is that every blogger has a unique voice even though we may all work in the same or similar fields. It is truly fascinating to hear what these people have to say and what they choose to share.


People who have followed me a long while will know I’m a big tennis fan. I love that I can be keptnin touch with Tennis news without having to dedicate time watching it.

What is true though is that when a live sport is being aired and there are a good many people paying attention and tweeting about it, this makes it really great fun to use.

My blog

Twitter is one of the key ways I use to publicise and promote my blog. I want people to read what I write and when they share what I write through Twitter it helps me to know I’m writing something of relevance and encourages me to write more.


I am connected to a real diverse group of people and have come into contact with a lot of people through Twitter too. Most of them are UK based, there are quite a few I enjoy talking with who are in Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

Used carefully and with genuine intent you can meet some wonderful people.


Some of those connections have grown to be friendships where I will purposefully seek out what they are saying. I have met these folk outside of Twitter and we strengthen the connection we had. I think that’s awesome.

Finding the time

I’ve used Twitter for so long now it’s just a regular part of life. Having a smartphone and Twitter app helps as you can do this on the move. Only using it when at a desktop can make it a challenge to enjoy using.


Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

8 thoughts on “Twitter is…”

  1. On the finding the time point, as I am also often asked. I usually say that you find time for anything that is important to you. That is why I often ‘don’t have the time’ to go to the gym…..

  2. Twitter is also great for support – as someone who works alone, a quick request for useful articles, exercises or answers to questions on twitter almost always gets a response. This is invaluable to someone who cant just ask the person at the next desk!

  3. I will fully admit that I started with Twitter b/c all the cool kids were doing it, but I think you’ve identified all the reasons why I’ve stayed with it. I’ve connected with people that I don’t believe I would have otherwise.

    I’m a fan.

    1. I started using it for the same reason. The company I was with at the time had pretty much half of all staff actively using it and I had serious envy so I got involved.

  4. I started using it because it was new and shiny!!

    I quickly saw the possibilities, making connections with people who I might not have met, and been exposed to a range of thinking.
    As an ENTP, resource investigator and other profiles that tell me I like looking out, then twitter is perfect for me.

    It keeps me current and in my line of work I think thats really valuable.

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