Groups, Support Networks and Impact

Support networks are important for a number of reasons. Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous have known this for years. Unions have known this for years too. Well pretty much any group that’s ever come together has known that if you want something to happen, there needs to be an organised group of some kind.

And within that group you have people who naturally step forward as leaders of the group. They say things, or do things which provoke others into action. They motivate and cajole. They inspire and discipline.

Of course, groups can be very destructive too. The power of conformity means you can get swept up in agreeing to do something you actually don’t agree with. The power of opinion of one or more may mean that a course of action is decided which is harmful to others. The power of belonging can mean you actively seek to change your self in order to be accepted by that group.

All important things to remain mindful of when we embark in group based activities.

Which is why I enjoy having this blogging space and occupying Twitter. I am part of several groups, and have found friendships amongst many fine folk. I’ve embarked in making things happen with others that have felt right, supported others in making things happen, and been joyed at the success of others around me.

Here, though, I get to test things. I get to be outside of any group, or any community. This isn’t a collective of people, this is my space. I write what I feel, what I know, and what I think. I write to express, to find clarity, and for the sheer joy of finding the right words for my whims.

Yesterday I was humbled and grateful. Anyone I ever get to meet is someone knew for me to connect with. If that connection leads somewhere interesting then it is in the hands of the fates. If not, that too is meant to be. Things happen as they are meant to, destined to and intended to.

To be told that someone is happy to meet you, is both bizarre and a joy. I don’t write, or tweet, to create a good impression. I’m just a guy, who thinks outside of his head rather than in it. Indeed I occupy a space where I am often confused myself about what I’m writing or contributing to, yet it creates an impact on others which I often dismiss. And you can’t know that impact until it’s been told to you. 

So I end this week with strong sense that the groups I am in, the support I have around me, the connections I have in my life, the relationships I hold dear to me, are all as they are meant to be and at the same time all that I have created.

Published by

Sukh Pabial

I'm an occupational psychologist by profession and am passionate about all things learning and development, creating holistic learning solutions and using positive psychology in the workforce.

3 thoughts on “Groups, Support Networks and Impact”

  1. Me three, Sukh! I use blogging to work through a current issue – usually personal! – and which then hopefully helps others who may experiencing a similar situation. I’m from the “be a good example or a horrible warning” school of thought 😉

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